Advanced Management Program in Digital Business



MID ATLANTIC provides you with the experience of having trained more than 2000 businessmen and executives in the Canary Islands since 1993, with a clear commitment to promote the training of people who aspire to exert a positive influence on people, companies and society. Therefore, we form a community where the international environment, the care of the person and the good human climate are key. Furthermore, in the Canary Islands you will discover that you can learn Spanish, develop as a committed professional and discover nature in a pleasant environment, which facilitates your time for training and leisure. ¡Welcome to MID ATLANTIC Business School!


. Ecosystem of the digital economy . Digital marketing management . New technologies impacting the business . Smart Data- data management, segmentation and insights generation for the business . Customer relationship management in digital environments . Digital Customer Journey- new decision process and shopping experience . E-commerce . Social media management . The direction and management of talent in the digital economy. Personal brand and digital skills . Digital transformation innovation processes . Finance in digital environments. Agile methodologies for the implementation of solutions . Operations management in digital environments . Digital Business Session


. Obtain fundamental knowledge of the digital economy.  Assimilate digital knowledge.  Acquire sufficient criteria to be able to judge proposals.  Understand the implications and opportunities that digital disciplines can have in the culture and management of the company.  Promote innovation, transformation and entrepreneurship in organizations.


For far-sighted people looking for a competitive advantage in digital business, entrepreneurs looking for ways to make their companies successful, for experienced professionals who want to take the next step and become digital experts.

Do you want to give your career the boost it needs?


Applicants must complete the application form (click here) and send it to: In addition, they must send the following documentation by email:

  1. A 1-minute video in which the candidate explains why he or she should be selected.
  2. A letter explaining the reasons why the candidate wishes to carry out the Programme.
  3. A Curriculum Vitae of a maximum length of two pages.
  4. A personal interview or video call.

All the documentation provided by the candidates may be checked by MID ATLANTIC Business School by the appropriate means according to the current legislation, for its verification.

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