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With a clear vocation to serve society, it has allowed us to be at the forefront in the training of managers in the Canary Islands, developing and inspiring business leaders whose objective is to generate a profound, positive and lasting impact on people, Companies and the society in which they operate.

MID ATLANTIC’s success lies in its humanistic approach to leadership and business, complemented by a worldwide recognized faculty that is at the forefront and global reach of the programs we offer, with a practical and relevant methodology of learning and a Growing community of alumni composed of more than 2,000 entrepreneurs and managers.

For your training

Membership of the MID ATLANTIC offers you the opportunity to continue learning and training in the business environment to enhance your executive and managerial skills.

Continuity Program: it is the main activity of the Membership Group.It is a permanent training program through working meetings focused on current issues of the various areas of the economic world.

It consists of two main lines:

  • Permanent education
  • Seminars
For your network

We offer you the tools to manage and expand your network of personal and professional contacts with other Alumni.

Alumni Directory
Information to children of Members

For you

We support the development of your professional career, putting in your hands all the necessary resources:

  • Career Cycles
  • Coaching Services
  • Consultation with teachers

By contributing to the development of your school, you also contribute to your own.
Because the more MID ATLANTIC is valued, the more your CV is valued.

  • Training: Thanks to your contribution as a Member. Aid to the training of teachers and Alumni of the archipelago.
  • Development: with your donations, you promote the growth of MID ATLANTIC and its cont

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