Metodo del caso

Case method

The most important capacity of a manager is the correct analysis of the problems he faces, to reconcile different perspectives that have on him and to determine the best possible solution to undertake convincing the other members involved.

Therefore, the most important quality is to ask the right questions and to do this you must know how to do them and know how to find the right way to respond and start them.

This is why learning must be active. In MID ATLANTIC the case method is the main method of teaching. The cases treated are all real, to which at some point someone had to face. The case may be more or less current, but the issue it deals with is always relevant and universal.


It is a situation in which the participant is placed in an environment with different problems of the business management environment. In the same it is discussed about concrete situations of a real companies, analyzing fact, implicit problems as well as attitudes of the people with the purpose of to raise and to analyze different possible alternatives and consequences of the same ones


A case is a real situation description of a company where its managers must make timely decisions in the face of uncertainty and risk environments. It describes opinions, situations, facts or prejudices of the protagonists of each situation. It is intended to put the participant in the same place that the problem occurred and must find a way to respond to it.


The best way to learn is by doing. In our sessions the teachers are not the ones who teach a lot, but the facilitators so that the participants learn a lot. The best way to learn is to face situations similar to those you will face in your day to day so that they learn to perform analysis, diagnose situations, identify problems and make decisions.


To develop and perfect the skills that a manager has in the company. To determine what is the real problem and how to ask the right questions to get there. Once the problem is detected, all that remains is to look for alternative solutions. If the problem is not well detected by much that we do little we will get.


The participant, before arriving at the session, should dedicate an important time of study and analysis to each case. It has to make its own diagnosis, decide how it would act and propose a plan of action.


Once the participant has made his own reflection comes the time to contrast it with the components of his work team, so that he can enrich himself with other perspectives. It is a great enrichment for the participant, since he discovers that other people see different things to the one that he has detected.


It is a simulation of a board of directors where you have to finally decide how you are going to deal with the situation. In this session, the teacher leads a discussion where each participant takes an active role in it, giving their own opinion and contrasting it with those of their peers. For this they have to defend and analyze the different arguments. The participant develops the capacities to think and reason with rigor for the resolution of problems.

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