Welcome to the MID ATLANTIC professional departament department. Our team is committed to helping companies hire talent. The MID ATLANTIC workbench allows companies to meet their staffing needs.

The MID ATLANTIC attracts outstanding entrepreneurs and managers from all over the archipelago with a unique spirit of service. In line with the aim of the school to contribute to the development of each person, the departures department offers support to companies in the search of talent and students to find work and develop the skills and management skills that companies Currently required.

Career Advising

We support the development of your professional career, putting in your hands all the necessary resources:

· Career Cycles

· Executive Coaching coaching

· Consultation with teachers

· Employment opportunities

· Curricular Orientation

· Entrepreneurship Platform

Alumni Offers

MID ATLANTIC Business School, offers you the job offers we have from our associated companies and prepares you to launch your career, leave a lasting mark and have a positive impact on the world.

Companies that rely on MID ATLANTIC to train their executives