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MID ATLANTIC provides you with the experience of having trained more than 2000 businessmen and executives in the Canary Islands since 1993, with a clear commitment to promote the training of people who aspire to exert a positive influence on people, companies and society. Therefore, we form a community where the international environment, the care of the person and the good human climate are key. Furthermore, in the Canary Islands you will discover that you can learn Spanish, develop as a committed professional and discover nature in a pleasant environment, which facilitates your time for training and leisure. ¡Welcome to MID ATLANTIC Business School!

Executive MBA

“The Executive MBA is an experience of integral formation from the perspective of the General Directorate. We focus on developing the competencies and aptitudes of managers in an action-oriented way through the case method. “

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Senior Management Executive Program

“Development Program for Senior Management, aimed at Entrepreneurs, Directors and positions of maximum responsibility oriented to the development of capacities to lead the Organization”

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Digital Business

Digitize or die: technology creates new scenarios that force continuous learning. To take control of the Digital Change, the most important thing is to know how to tackle it. Digital Transformation is the present of any business reality.

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e-sales: virtual team mangement

The question, what else do business professionals do at this time is: What will happen to the future, to the future of my work, my company, my sector? The answer is difficult. We are living situations, never experienced by human beings until now, that create uncertainty in our lives.

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How is your life going to be in the Canary Islands?

The Canary Islands are a piece of Europe in Africa


Mid Atlantic Business School, European educational reference in the Middle Atlantic. A space where you develop ideas, talent and above all friends, true friends.

Mid Atlantic Business School, référence européenne de l'éducation dans le Moyen-Atlantique. Un espace où vous développez des idées, du talent et surtout des amis, de vrais amis.

Companies that rely on MID ATLANTIC to train their executives